Coverage by EHIC
EHIC is not a substitute to travel insurance. It does not cover any private medical care or expenses. It is necessary to have EHIC and travel insurance together at the time of travel, as travel insurance company may reject the payment claims if the traveler does not have a valid EHIC card at the time of travel. The EHIC is extremely useful in emergencies and is valid for 5 years for all British, EU, EEA or Swiss nationals. However, with the EHIC the traveler can avail medical treatment as a resident of the country he/she is visiting.
What is covered?

  • Any medical treatment including illness or accident is covered under EHIC. For any emergency you can dial European emergency number 112 from your mobile phone.
  • If the traveler is abroad and unexpectedly gives birth to a baby, EHIC would cover the medical treatment given to the mother & the baby.
  • EHIC covers medical care for previous health problems.
  • It also covers oxygen and kidney dialysis.

In today’s world where internet is making everything easy to access, the EHIC has replaced the below medical forms:

  • E110 - Applied for International Common, Contract or Private Carrier.
  • E111- Applied for Tourists.
  • E119- Applied for unemployed job seekers.
  • E128 – Applied for students and workers.

Renewal for the EHIC:
If the traveler is in UK and is looking to renew his/her EHIC, then they can call on 0203 475 8833 or can email on Customercare@Nhsehic-E111.Org.Uk with the required information as below:

  • Applicants Full Name.
  • Address in UK (residence).
  • Applicants Date of Birth.
  • The EHIC Personal Identification Number (PIN).

The traveler may visit our website and fill in the online EHIC Card Application form for the renewal of the same. If the EHIC is lost/stolen while the traveler being aboard for his/her trip, the third party can apply for the replacement of the lost EHIC card on behalf of the traveler for the Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) which provides the same benefits that are covered by EHIC. The following information would be required to apply for the PRC:

  • Applicants Full Name
  • Address in UK (residence)
  • Applicants Date of Birth
  • The National Insurance or NHS Number.

Procedure to apply for Renewal

  • Traveler can call on our Customer support desk at +44 203 475 8833 anytime they require assistance regarding the same.
  • If the details of the traveler are the same as before, he/she can visit our website to apply for the Renewal form.
  • If the traveler has changed his address, then he/she needs to enter the new details in the Renewal form so that the EHIC can be mailed to the new address.
  • If the traveler has changed the name & has lost the EHIC PIN, then the renewal is not possible online.
  • If the traveler has applied EHIC for the family and only one of the members has the EHIC still valid, they can also renew it online. Their details would be linked to the NHS System and the new cards would be issued to ones who are eligible.